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Boys’ Clothes Sale: Shirts, Pants, Jeans, Coats, Underwear & Loungewear

Since 1968, CALVIN KLEIN is a global lifestyle brand that inspires contemporary designs and a minimal aesthetic. It brings bold, progressive ideals in clothing designs for women, men, and kids. The CALVIN KLEIN kids’ clothes sale collection for boys includes boys’ coats, boys’ blazers, boys’ shirts, boys’ underwear, and boys' jeans’ on sale. Each style embodies authenticity and celebrates individuality.

With casual wear invading every aspect of our lives, browse the boys’ clothes sale collection of loungewear and the luxury selection of boys’ underwear. With sharp and clean designs, soft elastic bands and stretchable fabric, this underwear does not irate the skin and is soft at the touch.

CALVIN KLEIN’s range of children’s clothes on sale, from boys’ jeans to boys’ sweatpants, exemplify casual yet contemporary and bold designs. The meticulous detailing showcases individuality. CALVIN KLEIN boys’ dress pants incorporate vintage-inflected yet modern designs.Stop compromising comfort for style and explore our collection of boys’ sale coats that provide warmth, comfort, and style. The exclusive designs of these cold-weather essentials feature hoods, snap closures, front zip closures, and multiple pockets. Designed to get you through extreme weather, the versatile designs complement any looks.Looking for something else? Browse CALVIN KLEIN’s collection of Women’s Accessories and Men’s Accessories to add subtle sophistication to your outfit.