205W39NYC Women's Denim

The cornerstone of iconic American style. Shop seasonless denim silhouettes, from jeans, to shirting, trucker jackets, skirts and more.

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CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Women's Denim

Discover CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC, a brilliant collection that reflects the fusion of the storied American Dream and the inevitable American nightmare that comes with it. Taking inspiration from Hollywood, the heart of American cinema, 205W39NYC consequently forms an equilibrium between beauty and horror. The incorporation of vivid colors like safety orange and red with darker colors like black is one of the many ways this balance is expressed in this collection through designers clothes for both men and women. Building on classic American archetypes, the collection represents the coming together of different individuals in the society, celebrating both the goods and bads of American life.
As denim is the cornerstone of iconic American style, it's also an integral part of CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC. Showcasing exquisite designer jeans, jean jackets, denim shirts, and denim skirts for women, the collection creates a modern take on the traditional to complete your timeless look. Create your own American fantasy with Western denim shirts and circle denim skirts, while deriving inspiration from the classic looks of cowboys and diner waitresses. Adding a modern touch to the traditional, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC is certainly a necessity for the 21st century woman.
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