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Singles’ Day Sale

Calvin Klein Singles’ Day Deals

Though Singles’ Day is a radical and newer phenomenon, the true story of the holiday’s origin is hazy. It is widely accepted that Singles’ Day originated as a student celebration at Nanjing University in 1993 when students converged to discuss breaking free of single life. In attempt to break free themselves and to help other students find companionship, they organized singles student activities to take place on November 11th. The day sparked a new tradition; single Nanjing students gathered annually to honor their singleness. The day may have been birthed from a desire to escape the single lifestyle, but, as it gained popularity many adopted the holiday as a time to carouse in the single joys of independence and liberty that are all too often forgotten. Singles’ Day remained as a day of carefree celebration for the years to come, though it was still a relatively humble holiday. It wasn’t until Alibaba launched their monumental Singles’ Day sale in 2009 that the celebration became a nationwide day for both festivity and shopping. Since then, everyone from small shops to corporations followed suit and offered sales of their own, turning Singles’ Day into the widespread discounted online shopping day we know of today.

Embrace the ideals of the happily single with Calvin Klein underwear, jeans and more on sale for Singles’ Day. Embody authenticity, individuality and brave thinking. In our everyday aspirations to be polite, selfless and compassionate, we often value what lies behind or ahead over what lies within. Celebrating Singles’ Day is celebrating your own eccentricity—an opportunity this world seldom gives. Take advantage of this Singles’ Day and invest in your personal style and wardrobe. For men, shop for marked down men’s suits, jeans for men, wallets and more. Bundle for the winter season while saving with a Calvin Klein men’s parka. Women can shop our iconic collection of handbags, women’s jackets and more all for low marked down Singles’ Day prices.

It’s easy to misconstrue the spirit of Singles’ Day as arrogant or selfish, but the truth is the person most deserving of your love is yourself. A method for approaching Singles’ Day with humility is to treat yourself based on a reason you believe in. If you recently started a journey towards a fitness goal, shop for new men’s swimwear or women’s sports bras for a boost of motivation. Just acquired a new job position? Shop and save for men’s dress shirts or women’s dresses to revamp your work aesthetic. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed your time being single, learned about yourself and are once again ready to share your life with someone special. Find men’s underwear and women’s underwear to entice lovers with elegance, sensuality and body positivity. Regardless of what milestones, challenges or blessings exist in your life right now, there is reason to appreciate yourself.

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