Men's Trunks

Calvin Klein men's trunks feature fitted cuts and innovative on-trend materials. Designed with logo waistbands, contoured pouches and short inseams, modern low rise trunk underwear is made with a close fit in pure cotton, silky microfiber stretch, extra soft modal and more.

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Men’s Trunk Underwear

Since 1982, Calvin Klein has been designing world renowned men’s underwear that give men an effortlessly seductive style with second to none comfort. Discover our men’s underwear trunks, the shorter cut, more permissive relative of the boxer brief. Much like the boxer brief, you'll get the extra coverage that briefs don’t which allows you to move around with comfort and ease. These boxer trunks give your legs the protection they need without concealing too much, allowing for a more sensual and liberated look.Trunks have become the favorite rising trend in underwear among men. Our most popular low rise trunks give you ideal comfort above and below the waist. Underwear trunks give enough freedom to be comfortable in everyday activities and lounging, while providing enough support for sport and exercise. Trunks will fit well to your body and will also remain out of the way when wearing slimmer fitting pants.There will never be a day when you regret that you threw on your best men’s trunk underwear in the morning. Calvin Klein is leading innovating in men’s boxer trunks, don’t settle for anything that’s less comfortable or less fashionable. Discover the ideal fit for your body with our men’s low rise trunks, body modal trunks, cotton stretch trunks and more.How will you wear your trunks? Find pants, or jeans to wear over your trunks and complete your below the waist look.