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Dress Shirts for Men

As the symbol of fashionable elegance for men, dress shirts are an absolute style staple. Choose from a variety of styles, fits and colors to achieve the exact look you desire. Calvin Klein has been an expert in artistic minimalism, perfecting timeless pieces such as the white dress shirt and black dress shirt and as a worldwide fashion catalyst, innovating daring and intrepid patterned conceptions. Shop now for Calvin Klein and add a matchless tone of bold elegance to your more formal days.Find Calvin Klein formal shirts in a variety of fits from slim fit dress shirts to relaxed fits. Men’s slim fit dress shirts are a popular choice for more snazzy and sleek slim fit suits, while a classic fit dress shirt works best in conjunction with standard suits and tuxedos.
Choosing the best dress shirt for your style and figure can be tough. To find the right dress shirt, men should look to their outfits’ complementing pieces. Any dress shirt can have a place in your wardrobe given the right pants, shoes and outer layers.
Understated pink dress shirts, blue dress shirts, and other subtle colors work well in standalone outfits. A faded steel green dress shirt sans coat pairs well with dark wash jeans creates an upscale smart casual aesthetic. When venturing into patterns like the plaid dress shirt, avoid over complication and combine with plain suits.Never sacrifice style for comfort and opt for CK men's underwear under your formal demeanor. Pay attention to detail with Calvin Klein men's ties and men's cologne.