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A classic silhouette with modern designs, Calvin Klein men's briefs are constructed with a perfect contour and stretch for form-fitting comfort. Featuring logo waistbands, pure cotton originals and the latest microfiber technology, discover an array of solids, stripes and patterns in our Modern Cotton, Calvin Klein Black, CK ID, Customized Stretch, Intense Power, Performance collections and more.

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Brief Underwear

Since 1982, Calvin Klein has been designing iconic underwear focused on comfort and sensuality. It’s no secret that Calvin Klein is renowned for making the best briefs for men. Expose a little more skin in our briefs and feel comfortable all day long with Calvin Klein briefs. Briefs for men, also commonly known as jockey shorts, are the ultimate underwear type for support and ease of wear. The snug fit provides adequate support while the length of the jockey underwear makes for minimal discomfort from fabric bunching and rising.
Our briefs are designed to fit perfectly to your body with stretchable waistbands and fabrics. The form-fitting composition of Calvin Klein briefs will guarantee minimal rising and bunching so you can finally stop worrying about the comfort and visibility of your underwear throughout the day.
Calvin Klein designs the best men’s briefs with natural creases and openings that remain comfortable even when sitting for longer periods. Minimal fabric and bunching makes men’s underwear briefs the ideal choice when wearing skinny jeans. Our low rise briefs are also perfect for low rise pants that sit lower on the waist. Briefs underwear are great for staying comfortable at a day at work, on lightly active days and when wearing tighter fit pants. Whether you prefer white briefs, grey briefs, black briefs or colorful briefs, we have a variety of cuts and fits that will match perfectly with your men's pants or men's jeans of choice.
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